Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bankstrade - It leaves margins for technical type reaction if .. DEUTSCHE BANK

Technical Analysis charts ...


Were continued the losses for the Banking Group Friday, in the 11,41.. e in the - 1,98% with the action of DEUTSCHE BANK. try it is maintained above the bulwark of support of 11,22 e. marking low day in the 11,30 .. e. and high in the 11,64 ..e. continuing moving itself under the level of EMA 9.. in the 11,97 e. maintaining her short-term bending tendency .

The bears appear that they have the complete control of this action  even if positive curve of oscillator of indicator fast stochastic ...  low in favour sold area of prices. it leaves margins for technical type reaction if the support of 11.22 e hold  .. 

The oscillator of indicator MACD... it continues maintaining the signal of expense moved under his medium area of prices, having margins for lower levels.

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