Thursday, April 20, 2017

Technical Analysis charts - DAX presenting signs of reaction...

Technical Analysis charts - DAX 

Good morning for everyone. Stabilizers with low profits are currently moving most European markets. Investors continue to hold a standstill against the backdrop of the Sunday presidential election in France. European banks continue to move upward after their upgrading from UBS yesterday. The German DAX Index in Börse Frankfurt, after a sinking at the beginning of the meeting to support EMA 50 at 11,974 m, marks a marginal gain of + 22% at 12,014 m presenting signs of reaction.

Prices despite the 6-day fallout are still moving above the Kimo of the ichimoku cloud, remaining bullish in the short term, with a downward but moody ... ... 

The Chikou Span (green line) fast oscillator, following continual changes in the current levels, has given an upward angle of divergence, at the level of 12,006 m, increasing the probability of reversing.  

The fast stochastic index is once again rotating giving a positive ... and a low-end buy-in.

Pay special attention to the Tenkan-sen oscillator (black line 9 days) because it still moves over Kijun-sen (red thin line 26 days) .. but. Gives us a negative angle of divergence .. before having for a hassle at present levels .. 

After splitting the diagonal support at 12,104 m during yesterday's session, the support is located in EMA 50 at 11,974 m and the resistance at 12,078 μ. The MACD index keeps the output signal with interest to focus on returning the values ​​again within the upward channel Above the level of 12,110 m

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