Friday, September 23, 2016

Financial markets - Consolidating opening for the European markets ..DAX 30

Market comment ..

Good morning in all. consolidating opening they are expected for the European markets, with the investors to try they manage their yesterday'srecent profits. Positive was the closure yesterday evening for the American markets with Nasdaq it marks news high, but also Dow Jones Industrial Average it puzzles. closing finally much lower from highly day. Mixed picture that present the Asiatic markets, with Nikkei it marks small losses… while the Gold recorded small profits int he 1337,28 $ and the oil Brent small losses in the 45,37$. Traders Perhaps will be supposed to advance in a management of danger of portfolio, while the postponement of increase of interest-rates, have double reading… with a short-term ascendant prospect… while the investment capitalpersist in the action seeking output… and a medium-term negative prospect. while the growth does not show powerful marks… justifying a increase of interest-rates.

DAX futures

Futures the DAX… little before the opening of markets they are moved with marginal profits 0,04% in the 10.668 m. above the point of rotation of 10,612 m. and the 38,2% fibo .main taining a short-term ascendant prospect while they are moved above verge of Kumo of cloud ichimoku

The German indicator for third day is moved above the support of EMA 9 and EMA 21 in the10.505 m. with the resistance it is located in the 10.740 m and the support in the level of EMA.

The oscillator of indicator fast stochastic…enters in favour bought area of prices, requiring a particular attention... while positive is judgedthe fact of positive curve of oscillatorof indicator MACD… in his medium area of prices. with big probability it gives medium-term signal of entry.

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